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The Sun Rises
by Florencia Rumpel Rodriguez

The vampire is at the bar. It's time to end this.

The Social Connection
by k.wong

Dystopia - Social Media Use

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Midnight Motel
by Amna Faragalla

On the way to your brother's graduation, your car breaks down. Now you have to survive your stay in the old motel...with interesting guests.

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Delicious Delights
by Ellaine Miranda

Nothing wrong with messing with a little magic cookbook, right?

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Bionicle: Matoro
by David Ethier - Cover image by comicsjh

A hero must prevent the end of the world by retrieving and using the legendary mask of life. However, to reach it, he must brave the world's deepest ocean, Mahri Nui.

There's Something in the Water
by Connor Whiteside

You, as a lone sailor, are not alone in the vast ocean. You must discover what lies below the waves, else you end up below them yourself.

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We All Fall Together
by Camron Gonzalez

You wake up. You're falling. A ceaseless sky and a never ending cyclone greets you. Others fall all around you. No where else to go but down.

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A Dark Wood
by Aidan Glendon

You wake up in the middle of a dark forest, with no visible exit in sight. Can you escape?

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The Rivers End
by Ethan Nguyen

This is for school dont read

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