the smallest cheeseburger
by pete mitchell

a hungry man goes to a fateful dinner

Kill with Kindness
by CP

Metanarrative Gaming

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Cappuccetto rosso
by Paola

Una favola "sul-reale" con un pizzico di umorismo.

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About the Author
by SSR

About the Author.

The Backstabbing Best friend
by ?

When someone breaks the girl code...

Recipe For Disaster
by Michelle

Baking a cake is just like riding a bike, right? Right.

by Shane

This is not a very long story but more of a funny one.

Drive Through
by rpac62

You pull up to a drive-thru and make your order. Choose wisely.

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Mission: Babysitter
by SSR

For the child of international super-spies, this babysitter is more than annoying - he's lethal.

How To Eat Ice Cream
by Beth

This is a story about eating your favorite ice cream, except you are missing something! It is also a little bit about other things.

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Out Of The Office
by KMT guys

You need to get out of this office

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