Drive Through
by rpac62

You pull up to a drive-thru and make your order. Choose wisely.

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About the Author
by SSR

About the Author.

Daredevil Vs Child Support
by Tristan Ljubanovic & Michael Winter & Aidan Bretton

Matt Murdock is known as the man without fear, but he's never faced child support before.

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Dargons & Corn Farming
by Grace Xu, Kathryn Bower, Adam Power

Very difficult game in which you take your chances against death, over and over again.

Drive-Thru Daydreams
by Matt

Really is just a run-of-the-mill day.

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Find your cat!
by Ava N-H

You wake up one morning and find your wonderful cat missing! Where could he be?

Kill with Kindness
by CP

Metanarrative Gaming

Oh shit the dog's dead
by JK

This is for school don't bother reading please.

My friends think I have ADHD
by dan

A small window into my wednesday afternoon - based on entirely true events

by JSH + MPO

Lustiger Witz von Martial

25 – 48 out of 61 stories in the Humor genre