An Odd Journey
by Zohar Shachak

A game engine subversion experiment, using animation inside of an engine purposed for text.

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Buon Lunedì
by Il Taccuino

Storytelling per creators

Cover art

by urbanista


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Your body is made of waves
by We Are Müesli w/Annamaria Andrea

A short exercise in psychomagic and meditation. #GGJ17 version

love,hope,and death
by Anonymous

Extension to Corys story after The story of fences

by Anonymous

the test of tests.

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by vesper.


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Striking A Match
by UltraSnivy4Ever

You must choose between snapping a match in half or striking it. One makes you win, the other makes you lose. You don't know which, so choose wisely.

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Christmas Adventure
by Greatest Uncle in the World

The Latest, Greatest Achievement in Siblingmas Technology

So Meta
by Anonymous

Completed tutorial

The rainforest
by Anonymous

The rainforest

The Wagon
by Alex Durand

Short Story

And so, the story goes...
by Everwriter

A near true-to-life story of an old friend telling me a story. ADULT LANGUAGE HERE >>> PROCEED WITH CAUTION My first story here - be harsh, be cruel.

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The Life of a Student-Athlete
by Christian Strong

This story game takes you through a quick scenario of what a senior women's lacrosse player goes through on a Thursday night.

Hello World
by GTNoob

First short at trying out text adventure game design!

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Morne Lune
by Balrog

Errez autant que vous voulez, mais gardez vos yeux ouverts. Texte: Couverture:

Fences: Armed
by Anonymous

The aftermath of Cory.

by Kaz Born

this is just a test

A Mini Maze Game
by Alex

A mini maze game

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