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by vesper.


Cover art

Cloak of Darkness
by Roger Firth (original author)

Cloak of Darkness is a traditional Interactive Fiction demonstration story. The Texture version has been adapted from Roger Firth's original.

House of Leaves
by Angela Garza

an short interactive interpretation of Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves

Fences: Armed
by Anonymous

The aftermath of Cory.

A Man From The Past
by Alex

Test version.

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Striking A Match
by UltraSnivy4Ever

You must choose between snapping a match in half or striking it. One makes you win, the other makes you lose. You don't know which, so choose wisely.

UK Assignment
by memilee

We help students at

by Anon

Fences interactive story

Zip Tied
by group4

ay lmao

So Meta
by Anonymous

Completed tutorial

The School
by 6C

This is our school.

love,hope,and death
by Anonymous

Extension to Corys story after The story of fences

Cory's life after the Funeral
by Anonymous

Cory's life is in your hands

Trapped in Island
by Alan Ye

Don't ever think you can run

Fences - The Obsession
by Anonymous

A fan fic of the Fences game.

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