UK Assignment
by memilee

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An Odd Journey
by Zohar Shachak

A game engine subversion experiment, using animation inside of an engine purposed for text.

by Gary Y.

Just testing out the site.

A father's choice
by Jared Bakonyi

A beautiful tale of father and son.

Cover art

Exploring Games
by Harmony Birch

Do you have what it takes to introduce game-based learning to your library?

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Story Engine Project
by Arash

A narrative game, where you must decide which choice is wise or meaningful.

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Chasing Fame
by Mandy Dang

You have the opportunity to chase after fame, but will you capitalize on it and create a life of glamour and money for yourself?

by zz

Image that the earth only have ocean and the culture was lost

Fences #2
by Anonymous

fences story after

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