lost in lies
by hongrun, miya

lost is with lies

The rainforest
by Anonymous

The rainforest

The Heist
by Kevin Li, Tommy Peng

You run a heist for your organization.

Golden Hand
by Mavis Flannery

A tale of a golden hand and the man who coveted it.

by Kaz Born

this is just a test

An Odd Journey
by Zohar Shachak

A game engine subversion experiment, using animation inside of an engine purposed for text.

Cover art

by josh g.

A story of searching.

Dissertation Help
by angellily

I am a SEO expert.

Rose's Ending
by MexiMexico

Fences ' Story line

Cory's life after the Funeral
by Anonymous

Cory's life is in your hands

by Brian Kwak

How do you make cereal? (Made for KASRAN'S KASJAM.) Also available at: http://briankwak.itch.io/cereal

The Wagon
by Alex Durand

Short Story

The Room on the Fifth Floor
by Anonymous

Wake up alone in a hospital room and navigate the abandoned building with monsters jumping out at every turn. Make your choices wisely. Your survival, and the survival of others, will be costly.

the smallest cheeseburger
by pete mitchell

a hungry man goes to a fateful dinner



Cover art

by Bidemi Oloyede

"A Quiz" is an experimental quiz game made using the texture engine. The aim of the game was to experiment and use the engine to create a sort of game that the engine would usually not be used to make

Cover art

30 kilogrammes
by verity v

Summer is over. It's time to go back. But first, I need to pack. A tiny utopia.

Anderson Project
by Sofia Klena

interactive experience.

UK Assignment
by memilee

We help students at http://help4assignment.co.uk

Cover art

Hail Mary
by Christian Strong

Engage in the mind of CJ as he works to fight off his thoughts and overcome adversity Drag the word at the bottom of the page to the highlighted text in order to change pages & flow through the game

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