UK Assignment
by memilee

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I tre porcellini
by Antonella

Storia quasi horror

Cover art

by D.J. Sylvis

You open your eyes to find that you’re strapped to a chair – again. Your line of work leads to some tricky situations, but you’re sure you can handle whatever this turns out to be. And hey, at least you’re out of the house. (Cover by Jodie Austen)

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by Alex D

You awaken in the middle of the woods with no idea how you got there. Facing a multitude of obstacles, can you make it out alive?

Fences: Armed
by Anonymous

The aftermath of Cory.

Fences #2
by Anonymous

fences story after

Cover art

by vesper.


Shoot your Shot
by Rushi + Jershon

You're a Nerdy guy named Tyrone, trying to get the girl of his dreams. Can you do it?

A Man From The Past
by Alex

Test version.

Mentalities (WIP)
by Rien

A HUGE thank you to my writers in crime; Hazy Gyre, Kyle, and our very own Tumbleweed (More at END)

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una città senza confini
by rebecca Stella ed Aurora

Da una discussione due ragazzi si conoscono e da li ceneranno e si metteranno assieme... poi è tutto da scoprire!

Summer 2019
by Evan

Getting over the human version of heroin.

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Cappuccetto rosso
by Paola

Una favola "sul-reale" con un pizzico di umorismo.

Dissertation Help
by angellily

I am a SEO expert.

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Morne Lune
by Balrog

Errez autant que vous voulez, mais gardez vos yeux ouverts. Texte: Couverture:

Cover art

by Bidemi Oloyede

"A Quiz" is an experimental quiz game made using the texture engine. The aim of the game was to experiment and use the engine to create a sort of game that the engine would usually not be used to make

Lyons N Cash
by Anonymous

Problems stem from money

The Sensing One – WIP
by candle

Just a nice relaxing day off from work.

The Backstabbing Best friend
by ?

When someone breaks the girl code...

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