Hello World
by GTNoob

First short at trying out text adventure game design!

Cover art

Hail Mary
by Christian Strong

Engage in the mind of CJ as he works to fight off his thoughts and overcome adversity Drag the word at the bottom of the page to the highlighted text in order to change pages & flow through the game

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Mission: Babysitter
by SSR

For the child of international super-spies, this babysitter is more than annoying - he's lethal.

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by Bidemi Oloyede

"A Quiz" is an experimental quiz game made using the texture engine. The aim of the game was to experiment and use the engine to create a sort of game that the engine would usually not be used to make

Fences: Armed
by Anonymous

The aftermath of Cory.

by Brian Kwak

How do you make cereal? (Made for KASRAN'S KASJAM.) Also available at: http://briankwak.itch.io/cereal

Mentalities (WIP)
by Rien

A HUGE thank you to my writers in crime; Hazy Gyre, Kyle, and our very own Tumbleweed (More at END)

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Where in the world is trankzen ?
by EdWarné

Le mystère d'un homme. L'oeuvre d'une vie.

Rose's Ending
by MexiMexico

Fences ' Story line

9 months after
by Anonymous

The story of what happens after Fences

love,hope,and death
by Anonymous

Extension to Corys story after The story of fences

The Sensing One – WIP
by candle

Just a nice relaxing day off from work.

A Mini Maze Game
by Alex

A mini maze game

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Dargons & Corn Farming
by Grace Xu, Kathryn Bower, Adam Power

Very difficult game in which you take your chances against death, over and over again.

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hit and gone
by Anonymous

girl how dosent know what happen to her

Cover art

Out Of The Office
by KMT guys

You need to get out of this office

Cory's life after the Funeral
by Anonymous

Cory's life is in your hands

Trapped in Island
by Alan Ye

Don't ever think you can run

My Day
by E.B

first texture story about a day in a school kids day

Ex 5: Future Text
by Stephen Dumnich

This is a interactive story about how I came around to finishing a project for my Media and Culture class, History of the book. The plot resembles the movie memento where everything is reversed.

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